Who We Are



Offer Australia is in the business of providing specialist sales consulting and headhunting services to our clients in the communications technology sector ensuring them access to the industry’s highest achievers and star performers.

Offer Australia collaborates with US and European technology vendors to initiate, build and accelerate their Asia Pacific operations. We achieve this by finding and recruiting the most elite sales and presales teams for our clients.

Operating for over 20 years Offer Australia has a proven track record and expertise in helping our clients secure profitability in the Asia Pacific region, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, India and USA.


What We Dowhat-we-do

Offer Australia is the partner of choice for technology vendors from the US and Europe, helping them to:

  • Set up sales teams in Asia Pacific from the ground up.
  • Track down the top two percent of country managers, sales and presales talent to grow an established team in the region.



Why We Are Different

Offer Australia has an established and solid network in Asia Pacific and Australia, that we can provide our clients access to, comprising of:

  • Country Managers
  • Sales “Hunters”
  • Presales Experts

why-we-are-differentOffer Australia’s talent can be found throughout Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and India.

We provide professional talent to our clients that are experienced in large multi-national technology vendor environments; the reason for our teams’ success is that they are all communications technology experts, starting from the presales guys right through to country manager level.

Unlike generalist recruitment companies, Offer Australia’s strength is in bringing together savvy sales and presales teams that understand the dynamics of working specifically in start up environments. Offer Australia not only recruits the right people for our clients, we have already built long term relationships from over 20 years of networking and we have an in depth knowledge of our talents’ career movements at all times.

We have put in the hard yards of identifying, screening, interviewing and selecting the most appropriate people for our talent pool. This is an invaluable service to Offer Australia clients, and saving them time, money and uncertainty as opposed to the client recruiting or head hunting directly.

Our clients’ clients are tier one technology and telecommunications carriers and top 100 enterprise companies.